Documents Required

In accordance with the Rules laid down by Ministry of Labor & Transport, Govt. of Nepal, the following documents are required from foreign Employers or its representative to enable Moondrops Overseas Services (P) Ltd. to process Govt. formalities for the recruitment of Nepali Nationals. These documents should be attested by Nepalese Consulate & Notary Public or Chamber of Commerce of the host country.

Demand letter
The Demand letter from the Employer

Power of Attorney
Authorizing MOS to act on behalf of Employer/Placement Agency as their representative in Nepal

Agency Agreement
There must be an agreement between Employer and Agent.

Employment Contract
It should incorporate the following items in details
a. Employee’s job Title and Position/Duties & Responsibilities
b. Basic Monthly Salary / Wages
c. Probation Period
d. Duration of Contract
e. Criteria & penalties for violation of Contract.(applicable to both parties)
f. Settlement procedure incase of dispute between Employer and Employee.
g. Air passage/Airport Clearance & Internal Transportation.
h. Accommodation -Supply of Electricity and Water
i. Food
j. Working Hours
k. Working Days
l. Overtime
m. Age
n. Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Public Holiday.
o. Increment
p. Medical Facilities/ Annual Medical Examination Fees
q. Compensation for Injury sustained and loss of body parts
r. Insurance Policy
s. Death Compensation & Reparation of dead body with belongings
t. Employees provident Fund
u. Restriction
v. Other Benefits
w. Termination of Services & Repatriation of terminated Employees

Message from Chairperson

Namaste, Warm welcome to M/s Moondrops Overseas Services (P) Ltd. which is rendering services...

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Letter of Appreciation

Letter of Appreciation from Renowned Companies

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